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X-Men comics of July 31 2019

July 31, 2019

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). On Sunday, I got to see Kiki’s Delivery Service in a theatre. It was so great. I love that movie. It’s so good. Great depiction of burnout. Also, Jiji! I love cats. Kiki is my third-favourite Ghibli movie. My rankings go Spirited Away, The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Arrietty, Howl’s Moving Castle. I missed a chance to see Howl at the theatre, but there’s still the other 3, which I will absolutely be going to. For now, though, comics.

Powers of X #1, by Jonathan Hickman, R.B. Silva, Adriano Di Benedetto, Marte Gracia, and Clayton Cowles. So it looks like we’ll be seeing four timelines in this story. Year 1: The Dream. Year 10: The World. Year 100: The War. Year 1000: The Ascension. Year 1 seems to be pre-X-Men. Xavier’s having a nice day at a fair, and a woman who I think is Moira sits next to him, though he doesn’t know her, and she says all sorts of cryptic stuff. Year 10 is the present. Mystique and Toad return to Krakoa, and she brings Xavier the USB with stolen info. She also has some demands. Helping mutants doesn’t mean much to her. Year 100 has mutants being hunted by Sentinels, some of which has different designs from normal. Neat. Rasputin and Cardinal are among the mutants fighting. Rasputin’s a fighter. Metal skin and a big-ass magic sword. The name and powers definitely indicate descent from either Colossus or Magik, but nope. She is, in fact, a Chimera, bred with the powers of Colossus, Kitty, Laura, Quire, and someone named Bain. The Chimera were the result of a breeding program run on Mars by Sinister to develop soldiers to fight against the Man-Machine Supremacy. Anyway, a mutant is captured and taken to Nimrod, who apologizes to her. This is a very interesting take on Nimrod.

nimrod (2)

I love when robots are dorks.

Also, apparently, there’s a couple thousand mutants living on Chandilar, with rumours that Empress Xandra plans on using them to help with annexing the Sol system. Xandra! Nice! And there’s 8 mutants still living in the Sol system.

So this is . . . interesting. It’s very Hickman, maybe even more than House of X was. Which means your enjoyment of it will depend on how much you like Hickman. Personally, I’m not a fan of him. As I said last week, I prefer character-driven stories over plot-driven stories. Hickman’s stories are dense, but there’s seldom that much room for character development. I also don’t think this issue’s as good as House of X #1. For one thing, the future war isn’t exactly a new idea. Damned near every single future we have ever seen for the X-Men is a bad one, and to be honest, I’m actually pretty tired of that shit. Give us a good future. A future worth fighting for, rather than the constant futures that need to be fought against. The Year 1000 future looks like it might go that route, at least. But I suspect it’s also the timeline we’ll see the least of in this story. We’ll see how this story goes, but I get the impression I won’t enjoy it as much as House of X. And either way, I’m more interested in what comes after. I want to know what Leah Williams and Vita Ayala are going to be writing!

Marvel Comics Presents #7, by Charles Soule, Paulo Siqueira, Oren Junior, Frank D’Armata, and Joe Caramagna. Naturally, the temporary halt on non-Hickman X-titles doesn’t apply to Logan. Anyway, after a bunch of X-Men were killed by the Truth in the ’90s, Logan left the X-Men and started searching for where the Truth would next appear, so he could find his daughter. He finally caught up with them in Mumbai in November 2008. Wow, I don’t know if I even heard about those terrorist attacks at the time. Anyway, she tells him a little about herself.

lareine (2)


She exists only to keep fighting the Truth. Logan then tells her they’re going to go to Hell to kill the Truth. Logan’s hobo beard is the real star of this installment. The story itself is fine. A couple double-page spreads of Logan going to dangerous places. Little actually happens, as the bulk of the page space is taken up by the two spreads, a splash of Logan at the WTC after it fell, and unnecessary exposition about Rien’s origin. The Truth is dealt with basically as a formality, he’s not actually a part of this installment. And honestly, we still don’t know that much about Rien as a person. We do get a certain sense of bitterness regarding her purpose. But she largely comes across as bland. It makes for a pretty lackluster installment. The story as a whole isn’t particularly strong, really.

And the non-X-stuff.

Death’s Head #1, by Tini Howard, Kei Zama, Felipe Sobreiro, and Travis Lanham. Wiccan’s goth, Death’s Head doesn’t appreciate being an amp, and Hulkling is entirely too sensible for these shenanigans. It’s really good. A lot of fun. The creative team’s clearly having a blast. Death’s Head really does seem like a fun character to write. And hey, nice to see Billy and Teddy again.

Marvel Team-Up #4, by Clint McElroy, Ig Guara, Felipe Sobreiro, and Clayton Cowles. A case is made for Paul Blart as a role model. Also, Carol is aware of Kamala’s fanfics. Somehow, Kamala doesn’t react to this by hiding forever. Also, I want to know which of Kamala’s fanfics is Carol’s favourite.

Thanos #4, by Tini Howard, Ariel Olivetti, Antonio Fabela, and Joe Caramagna. Gamora takes her very first prisoner and she’s very proud of herself for it. This is a really good series.

Black Panther #14, by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Daniel Acuna, and Joe Sabino. Big battle!

Captain America #12, by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Adam Kubert, Matt Milla, and Joe Caramagna. We find out why the Daughters of Liberty came together. The reasoning, apparently, is, “who understands the American Dream better than women?” And look, I’m a guy, so maybe I’m not qualified to opine on this, but that just feels weirdly condescending towards women. I mean, it helps that it’s at least half women of colour. (Let’s not forget that more than half of white women voted for Trump.) But even so, there’s a sense that this puts women on a bit of a pedestal. A certain performative feminism. Honestly, I would’ve accepted “Sharon wanted a bunch of bad bitches” as a reason for the Daughters of Liberty existing. Coates clearly intends the Daughters to be A Thing, hinting at a long history going back to the very founding of the country. And sure, that’s actually totally fine. And hell, a group of women fighting for a place for women within the American Dream is fine. It’s just the bit about “who understands it better” that bugged me. Regardless, we also find out who Dryad is. I’m oddly meh about it.

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  1. G'kar permalink

    I liked Marvel team-up #4, It seemed like Kamala’s parents were completely unaware that Carol is Captain Marvel, which is odd the general public has known that Carol Danvers is Captain Marvel for a long time now.

    • Well, she has a background in espionage, it wouldn’t be hard for her to present herself as someone else, and no one expects someone famous to visit them so ignore any resemblance.

  2. Had such a busy week last week that I didn’t realize I didn’t comment on this yet.
    Anyway, Powers of X shows potential, but I’d agree that it’s a bit out there. it is at least better than X-Men Gold and Uncanny X-Men.

    This week’s Captain America is good, but not quite as good as any previous issue in this series.

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