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X-Men comics of August 21 2019

August 22, 2019

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I’m sure I’m supposed to have some sort of opinion on Spider-Man possibly leaving the MCU, but honestly, all I can really think is that this would be a good time for Marvel to bring Ironheart into the MCU. Just saying, a youthful hero who idolized Tony Stark and wants to carry on his legacy? And it wouldn’t hurt to inject a little more colour, either. Anyway, let’s get to the comics.

Powers of X #3, by Jonathan Hickman, R.B. Silva, Marte Gracia, and Clayton Cowles. Machine cultists! In the future, there’s a church that believes machines are superior to humans, and humanity has to submit to the machines and become more like them. And then the X-Men make their traditional entrance of smashing through a wall.

nihilist (2)

Same, Xorn. Same.

We also learn more about Apocalypse’s final Horsemen. Logan and Xorn are the originals. Magneto is apparently a combination of Lorna and Emma’s DNA. And there’s a Krakoa/Cypher hybrid. And, of course, Rasputin and Cardinal. Rasputin, Cardinal, and Magneto are creating a distraction for Apocalypse, Logan, and Chimera to sneak in to get info they need. They get confronted by Nimrod. Meanwhile, the distraction team’s pretty much done for, so Rasputin takes off Xorn’s mask to release the black hole in his head. And this entire timeline is revealed as Moira’s ninth life, which no shortage of people had guessed online. This issue’s very straightforward. The only question, in my mind, is whether Xorn’s black hole might possibly result in Rasputin coming back in time. I wouldn’t be surprised if that does happen, though I’m not actually expecting it to be the case. If not, then the point of this timeline was only to tell Moira when Nimrod comes online. Well, the real point, I suppose, was to highlight the consequences of not stopping the rise of the Sentinels. Which, meh, not like that was a mystery. If we’d gotten more character exploration in the future, I might not have found it such a waste of time. But there was so much time spent on world-building, all for the entire world to amount to nothing in particular. I hope Rasputin does make it back to the present, partly because I’m one of those weird people who likes time travelers, but also to make all the world-building feel more worthwhile. But whatever happens going forward, this issue is mostly just action. It’s well-made, it looks great, but it’s still just a fight issue, which is why it’s so straightforward compared to everything else in this entire event. Silva and Gracia do a great job. The issue looks great. It just didn’t really blow me away from a story standpoint.

Marvel Comics Presents #8, with the next part of the Logan story by Charles Soule, Dio Neves, Oren Junior, Frank D’Armata, and joe Caramagna. Logan goes to hell.

hell (2)

It’s good to have a goal.

Little-known fact: All Canadians go to Hell. That’s the price we pay for universal health care. Honestly, still worth it, though. Anyway, Rien gets angry enough that she shows him the door. Luckily, she also goes in with him, to try to make sure he can get back out. Good installment. Ramps up the drama in a big way. Rien still doesn’t have much personality. There’s not much space to develop her character, sadly. Mostly, she just seems angry. Though she was raised to be a weapon, so that’s fair. I like the art. It’s a good-looking comic. Buuuut it’s still a Logan story, so my interest was always going to be limited.

There’s also back-up stories about Jessica Drew dealing with misinformation on social media (and admitting she’s a Dazzler fan, I forget if that’s been established before), and one about White Fox.

And the non-X-stuff.

Death’s Head #2, by Tini Howard, Kei Zama, Felipe Sobreiro, and Travis Lanham. We meet Death’s Head 5.0.1. Death’s Head isn’t impressed. He acknowledges Death’s Head 2 as an upgrade, but Death’s Head 5 he calls a downgrade. Poor DH5. Also, Kate! Woot! And it turns out robots are just like cats. This comic is wild and fun. It kept me laughing. So good.

Fearless #2, by Seanan McGuire, Claire Roe, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Cardinal Rae. Ms. Marvel! Also, Melody Guthrie, one of the mutants de-powered on M-Day. Oh man, this is really good. It’s a very positive story, one that makes surprisingly heavy use of mutants as a marginalized community, not just in terms of the hate, but also making references to things like mutant-friendly school districts, and Sapiens-Superior Alliances, like Gay-Straight Alliances. That’s the sort of thing I genuinely want to see more of. That should be a thing, but it’s the kind of thing the X-office just doesn’t bother thinking about. It shouldn’t be up to comics like this to do the heavy lifting of going beyond hated-and-feared, but this comic does it so well. Also, Carol makes a Counting Crows joke, wow. And she laughs, and no one else does, which is hilarious to me. Anyway, I’m really enjoying this.

A Night Nurse story, by Karla Pacheco, Iolanda Zanfardino, and Rosenberg and Rae. She has a bad date, helps Komodo (yay for her showing up!), and smacks Stegron with a fire extinguisher. And gets even more awesome from there. It’s a great story, one that really highlights just how much hanging out with superheroes has made Linda Carter a straight-up badass.

And a Laura and Gabby story, by Eve Ewing, Alitha Martinez, and Rosenberg and Rae. The story is a very unsubtle condemnation of the Trump administration and ICE sticking immigrant children in cages. Like, the very last line is, “No kid deserves to be in a cage.” Ewing was not even trying to hide what the point of the story was. Nor should she. Impeach Trump, abolish ICE.

Ghost Spider #1, by Seanan McGuire, Takeshi Miyazawa, Ian Herring, and Clayton Cowles. Gwen enrolls at ESU in the 616, which actually has a scholarship (via Tony Stark) for aliens, dimensional travelers, clones, machine intelligences, and so on. Marvel New York is freaking weird. I am delighted that ESU actually has guidelines in place to deal with that weirdness. There’s a lot in this issue that made me laugh. It’s really fun.

Magnificent Ms. Marvel #6, by Saladin Ahmed, Minkyu Jung, Juan Vlasco, Ian Herring, and Joe Caramagna. This issue’s mostly about Kamala learning her dad has a rare disease that’s going to kill him. I’m still sour about Ahmed wiping her parents’ memories of her identity. Kamala’s actually annoyed about it, too. I hope she does tell them again, the story of a teen hero needing to hide their identity from their parents is so played-out. It’s a trope that’s been almost completely abandoned at Marvel. Hell, fewer young heroes even bother with secret identities any more. Riri doesn’t. The Young Avengers don’t wear masks. Nadia doesn’t mind people knowing she’s the Wasp. Of course, plenty of teen heroes do still have secret identities, too. The point is that things have changed a lot in the past decade. I can’t think of a single teen hero at Marvel who still keeps their identity a secret from their parents. Sam Alexander’s mom and sister know. Miles’ parents know. Riri’s mom knows. Nadia’s been adopted by a superhero, so she’s kind of an outlier anyway. Some of the Champions, we have no idea what their relationships are like with their parents, but I think at least a couple are orphans, and several others don’t wear masks, which indicates they’re not concerned about preserving their identities. Is there anyone I’m not thinking of? A young hero whose parents definitely don’t know they’re a superhero? I can’t think of any. So I’m still sour about Ahmed going back there. But this issue’s definitely a step up, regardless. It brings the focus back to be more personal. Also, Ian Herring is still a huge part of this series, and this character. Having him continue on was a very smart decision, his colours define the book’s aesthetic.

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  1. G'kar permalink

    Power of X is still just ok, Fearless was pretty good though I thought the art was little better than it was in the last issues. On a side note after seeing the Cover for Captain Marvel #12 I think evil Carol’s costume looks pretty cool.

  2. My usual comic shop sold out of Powers of X before I got there on Thursday, along with the other comic I was planning on picking up. So sadly I haven’t read it yet.

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