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X-Men comic of August 28 2019

August 29, 2019

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). Pretty Deadly comes back next week! Woot! There’s even an absolutely incredible book trailer. I am very excited. I love Pretty Deadly. But that’s not until next week. For this week, only one X-title, again.

House of X #3, by Jonathan Hickman, Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia, and Clayton Cowles. Scott’s assembled a team for the assault on Mother Mold, Xavier says he won’t let Scott die, and Magneto says that the righteous live on in their works. Scott’s team consists of Logan, Kurt, Paige, Warren. Monet, Mystique, and Jean. Interesting line-up. Jean decides to wear her skirt costume. I still like that costume, if I’m honest. Is it a weird choice to wear into a suicide mission in space? Sure. But whatever, it’s cute. You can’t fight crime if you ain’t cute. Not sure why they’d bring Mystique. She’s incredibly dangerous, but most of that comes from subtler approaches than an all-out assault. As they go off on their mission, we get more text pages, including information on Project Achilles, a prison designed to house up to 30 of the worst superpowered criminals. And OK, Achilles? Really? You’re naming it after a figure who’s best-known for having a weak point that resulted in his defeat and death. Really. OK, well, sure. Anyway, Sabretooth is being held there (and also his trial is being held there), and his rather ineffective public defender gets fired when Emma shows up.

badbitch (2)

Cue “Bad Guy.”

You can’t tell me this wasn’t her jam for at least a little while. Pretty much everyone has pointed to this panel as Emma being That Bitch, but I disagree, this panel is her being Queen Bitch. And she spends the entire scene being Queen Bitch, telling the court that they’re going to release Sabretooth to her, and there’s nothing they can do to stop her. On Sol’s Hammer, Karima Shapandar expresses concern about Mother Mold wiping out humanity, because Karima’s clearly not an idiot. And then, the assault. So, this issue remains OK. Emma steals the show, naturally. The outfit alone. Damn. However, this is still a plot-driven issue. We spend very little time with the assault team, getting into the mindsets as they go off on what may be a suicide mission. I mean, obviously, it’s not like suicide missions are anything new to them. But even so, it would’ve been nice to get a sense of what they’re feeling. So as per usual for Hickman’s stuff, this is well-made, but doesn’t particularly move me. Great art, though. That Emma. Mmf.

And then a ton of non-X-stuff. I was hoping to get Super Sexy Fun Times, by Meredith McClaren, but unfortunately, it didn’t come in this week. I actually did, on a whim, pick up the first volume of the Sailor Moon manga. It’ll take a while to get around to it, though.

Power Pack: Grow Up!, with two stories! Louise Simonson! Woot! I got the wonderful Elsa Charretier cover. The first story is by the classic Power Pack team of Louise Simonson and June Brigman, along with Roy Richardson, Tamra Bonvillain, and Joe Caramagna. It’s set in the past, when they were still kids. Katie’s about to enter first grade. These days, she’s in, what, 5th or 6th grade? Anyway, they go to see Lila Cheney perform in the park, and then fight Brood with Kitty and Logan. It’s a really cute story, it’s so nice seeing Simonson and Brigman reunite for this, their Power Pack run was one of the great comic runs. It’s very much a model of how to do a great all-ages superhero comic. The comic definitely exists because of nostalgia, and it’s very much done as a throwback to the ’80s, but where some comics like this feel dated, this one feels more timeless. The second story is by Louise Simonson, Gurihiru, and Joe Caramagna. It continues from the main story, and it’s about Katie feeling guilty she didn’t get Alex a better birthday present, because she spent her money on a Lila Cheney figure. And it’s just so cute. Such a cute story. Gurihiru are a fantastic fit for Weezie. Their art is so wonderful, and absolutely brings out The Feels in Simonson’s script. I’d certainly be down for more Simonson/Gurihiru collaborations.

Marvel Team-Up #5, by Clint McElroy, Ig Guara, Felipe Sobreiro, and Clayton Cowles. Turns out Dr. Walter Lawson is alive. He’s the guy Mar-Vell replaced in his debut appearance. And he’s crazy and wants revenge against the Kree. It’s a fun issue. I’m enjoying this arc, though there’s some forced tension between Carol and Kamala that didn’t really work for me.

Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #46, by Brandon Montclare, Alitha Martinez, Tamra Bonvillain, and Travis Lanham. Lunella meets Reed Richards. It doesn’t go well. Her brattiness feels a bit far in this issue, if I’m being honest. I feel like Montclare’s repeating story beats. We had an entire arc about Lunella learning to listen to other geniuses. She’s learned the lesson repeatedly that being the smartest doesn’t mean she has all the answers. And here she is, still saying she doesn’t have to listen to anyone. It’s just getting tiresome. I hate to say it, but it might be time for Montclare to step off this series, and let a new writer take over and do new things with her.

She-Hulk Annual, by Alexandra Petri, Andy MacDonald, Matt Milla, and Joe Caramagna. I hadn’t planned on picking it up, but the shop added it to my subs, so I figured I might as well. Anyway, it’s set a few years back. Bullseye stole her body, and she had to get it back, while stopping Bullseye-in-her-body from killing his own body. It’s fun. And raises some interesting questions about self and identity.

Captain America #13, by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Jason Masters, Sean Izaakse, Matt Milla, and Joe Caramagna. Steve and White Tiger head to the border to protect some migrants under attack by the Watchdogs. This is very much a political issue, and good for it. Marvel might be too cowardly to allow political statements in their comic celebrating 80 years, but at least they’re letting this comic include political commentary. On a side note, this issue describes Toni Ho as the tech support for the Daughters of Liberty, but I hope she gets to go out in the field, too. It’s a shame that the only girl geniuses allowed to be active superheroes are kids. Toni Ho was awesome under Ewing as an adult girl genius superhero.

Black Panther #15, by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Daniel Acuna, and Joe Sabino. T’Challa makes it home.

Thanos #5, by Tini Howard, Ariel Olivetti, Antonio Fabela, and Joe Caramagna. Thanos confronts Magus, and Gamora rescues herself so she can save him. I like this series. It’s good stuff.

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  1. G'kar permalink

    Yeah, Emma had a great moment in house of X. I agree that the tension between Carol and Kamala was forced in Marvel-team # 5, also it was weird that Kamala would just let slip that Carol was half-Kree when it was obvious that she was just playing along to get more info form Lawson. I mean that seems like a rookie mistake that Kamala should know not to make by now. Also in Marvel # 1000, it was nice to see Kelly Sue write Captain Marvel again.

  2. This is the second week in a row that the comic shop in my hometown ran out of House of X/Powers of X before I got there The other shop in town also ran out. It seems like a lot of people underestimated how well this series would sell. Can’t say I blame them considering how bad the flagship X-Men comics have been for a while.

    Haven’t read it yet, but I did pick up the She-Hulk annual.

    • Concerns about stock are a part of why I set up a pull list at my shop. Guarantees I’ll always get what I’m there for, pretty much.

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