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Excalibur #13 (1989, October)

October 22, 2017

Follow me on Twitter (@XMenXPert). I’ve been getting bad about updating. Oops. Well, today, by Claremont, Davis, Neary, Oliver, and Orzechowski, “The Marriage of True Minds.”

The Marriage of True Minds

Psh. He’s not so big.

Brian gets a new costume! Good for him. It’s not bad. Which doesn’t stop Kitty and Kurt from making fun of it. It’s also mentioned that the costume is better at absorbing England’s energies, which are required to power Brian’s powers. That’s why he got weak in New York, after Inferno. The costume actually used to belong to Captain Marshall, that world’s version of Captain Britain, before he died. Kitty talks to Alistaire, who’s still infatuated with Rachel, who still seems clueless to the whole triangle, and I’m still entertained by it all. We meet the Queen, who looks like an older, kinder version of Saturnyne. Kinda neat how she’s something of a multiversal constant.

Excalibur #13

“Cool” is one word for it, I suppose, Rachel.

I really like the next page:

Excalibur #13

There’s a lot going on here.

Obviously, Rachel and Meggan playing dress-up in the background is great. I also like everyone reacting to it. (And Meggan’s Big Hair is something.) But the argument between Kitty and the Queen is great, too. “You are impertinent!” “I’m an American!” Kitty’s patriotism is always fun. She just refuses to bow to power, and it’s cool. And I’m kinda with her. I don’t get the American fascination with monarchies. They did fight a war so they wouldn’t have to care, but then they obsess over them. It baffles me. Anyway, the Queen teleports away with Kitty, and the others go looking, and come across a small and goofy-looking guard surrounded by trolls.

Back on Earth, Gatecrasher has made an agreement with the Brighton city council to control the weather in exchange for being allowed to live on the pier. None of Technet are happy, but they don’t have much choice. And then Nigel returns to normal to offer Technet a contract, to rescue Jamie Braddock from Doc Croc. But back to the other world, where they’re preparing to do something to Kitty. Something that presumably involves magic, given this part:

Excalibur #13

Dark magic, bright soul. I like that.

The magic, of course, comes from Illyana, who lost it when she returned to being a child. And I once again want to remind people that Kitty and Illyana are, canonically, soulmates. Their actual souls are connected. It’s a real thing. Let them be lovers, dammit! Anyway, the Queen also muses that there are resonances to Kitty’s aura and character that remind her of herself. Claremont clearly wanted there to be some connection between Kitty and Saturnyne/Sat-YR-9. Shame that never really got explored in any greater depth.

Regardless, they start doing something to change Kitty, and Rachel hears Kitty’s psychic scream, and holy shit, do not get in the way of an angry redhead rescuing her girlfriend. The fight is stopped when Kitty comes out, a proper princess, ready to marry Prince William. The Queen sets a crew to repairing the train, but Alistaire has no idea how to get Widget to send it home.

Excalibur #13

A good team, but were they the Team Supreme?

Kitty and William are walking, with William missing the way Kitty used to be. She’s just like any princess now. They get attacked by trolls. Small ones, this time. When Kitty phases free, she returns to her normal self, but once the adventure’s past, she goes back to being proper. That night, as she sleeps, she’s attacked by a shadow monster. Meggan and Kurt manage to trace the monster back to where it came from. Turns out, it’s the princess they rescued last issue. Princess Kate. She was also responsible for the ogre and Shaitan last issue. All an elaborate scheme to get Billy to “rescue” her, because she loves him. Billy is stunned, and decides to marry her, instead. The Queen agrees, since it was what she wanted in the first place. Happy ending!

Good issue. Princess Kitty was kinda unsettling, because she was so not-herself. Kitty being improper, outspoken and rebellious is a huge part of her charm. It’s what makes her so endearing. So her being soft-spoken and proper is just weird. Meanwhile, her counterpart, Princess Kate, is also pretty awesome. She’s got a definite edge to her. I mean, she used black magic to fake her own kidnapping just so she could be rescued by the boy she likes. That’s pretty dedicated. I mean, it’s kind of a shame that she uses that determination to win over a cute boy, but still. Now that she’s got him, maybe she can turn her attention to other stuff, and start trying to reform the system of government or something. You never know, it could happen!

The art is Davis/Neary/Oliver. So it’s brilliant. So much personality, so much humour, so much awesomeness. It’s a great-looking comic.

Great issue in general.

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  1. I’ve always been curious about some of these side X-Men franchises, like Excalibur and Exiles, but never really found the time to start. This issue sounds pretty good.

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